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Our Melting Pot of Culture

Our Melting Pot of Culture

Belize is a country of various ethnicities co-habiting in harmony. Today Belize boasts of cultural aspects from different cultures. Belize is a refuge, a home of diverse multi ethnic cultures with people of different skin tones, different languages, belonging to various ‘pots’ all adding to our colorful Belizean culture. Lying amidst the horizons of Central America and the vast Caribbean Sea. We are a nation with the most diverse population among its neighboring countries, rich with a blend of different cultural practices.

The first to inhabit Belize was the Maya; the Maya civilization is indigenous to the lands of Belize since 2500 B.C. After them the Garifuna migrated to Belize around 1802 after running from British invaders.Shortly after, the Mestizo fled from the Caste War of Yucatan to the northern regions of Belize in 1847. At about the same time in the 1800’s, the Creole were Being born into Belize from African slaves and European merchants. With indentured labor, here is where the East Indians and East

Garifuna Settlement Day Parade

Asians were brought to Belize in 1858 and 1865. They were followed by the Mennonites who came into Belize in 1958 pursuing a life free of religious persecution and the pressures of modern society. When it comes to the population here in Belize nearly half of Belize’s population is Mestizo. Mestizo is the beautiful mixture between ethnic American and Europeans, primarily Spanish. On the other hand the Creole is any person who has some African blood, and in a few instances some locally born ‘whites’. They are mainly the descendants of the slaves brought to Belize. Other Native languages include Mayan, English, Garifuna.

Mennonites in Shipyard

Belize a sanctuary; a harbor for cultures to spread and add coloring to the cultural melting pot.  A free pass to let culture seep through our hearts, showing the true colors from the soul.  This cultural blend indeed a jewel of a country from east to west creating peace and harmony amongst neighboring regions is what certainly makes up a melting pot.

Author- Limayri Guerra