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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers to all the questions you may have in mind regarding outsourcing call center services in Belize.

Is a Visa required when traveling to Belize?

Visitors to Belize are required to be in possession of valid passports and return/onward tickets. Visas are not required for citizens of the U.S., European Union, Commonwealth or Caricom Nations, Mexico, Austria, and Costa Rica. Visas are required for all other nationalities and can be obtained from any Belizean Embassy, consulate or British Embassy.

What’s the weather like in Belize?

The overall climate of Belize can be described as sub-tropical. The humidity while high, is seldom oppressive for long and is most noticeable along the coast. The mean annual humidity is 83%, but many days the humidity is masked by the cooling sea breezes.

Do you have customer service?

Definitely, our customer service representatives are available to provide assistance 24/7 all year round.

How many languages do you support?

We support the languages of English and Spanish.

What kind of clients do you work for?

We work with respectable clients who may or may not be Fortune 500 companies. We stress on building long-term relationships with small, medium and large companies alike.

How long have you been offering call center solutions?

Belize Virtual Center has been in the outsourcing business since 2013. Our goal from day one has been to offer high-quality solutions to our global customers.

Is there any training process underlined for your contact center agents?

Agents undergo extensive training in order to handle different situations but it is advised that additional training is provided by the client to cover campaign or project materials.

Do you support any particular Live Chat software?

We support all kinds of chat software and our agents are also trained at using all types of software.

I want to do business with you, how can I start?

This is easy. Fill up the sign-up form or talk to one of our representatives. It will help us draft a customized service contract for you. Once you receive the contract, accept it, and email us the signed copy along with the payment. We will then start training our staff for 1-2 weeks as per your specialized business needs, and will start answering your customer’s emails, chats and/or phone calls thereafter.

Can agents multitask in free time?

Through our call center agents are billed on a timely basis, they can’t multitask or provide supplementary services in free time as it will make them disoriented and affect the quality of our solutions.

Is there a minimum duration to do business or contract?

There is no minimum contract period but you are free to terminate a contract by notifying us 30 days in advance.

What are your payment terms and conditions?

Work is commenced only after the receipt of payment in advance. We have the right to terminate, suspend, or put work on-hold in case of payment delays.

Why should I outsource my call center operations to Belize?

We are the only country in Central America where English is spoken as a first language. However, most of the population speaks both English and Spanish. Belize is also in close proximity to the US and Canada thus there is no huge difference in the time zones.