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Our Story

Belize Virtual Center Limited, also known as BVC for short, is registered and incorporated as a limited liability company on the 11th of November 2013.

It is classified as a value-added services company and aims to continue being one of the leading virtual service providers in Belize’s BPO industry.

The virtual staffing service concept, under which Belize Virtual Center Limited operates, was constructed with the vision of providing clients worldwide with personalized outsourcing solutions of quality that are consistent and reliable.

The company’s goal is to focus on quality over quantity.

Our Approach

We started with the tactical plan of hiring young college graduates from various fields who we train and assign to clients from different industries.

The Virtual Staffing Service concept was constructed with the vision of providing quality personalized outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide. Since day one, they have worked in various sectors of the BPO industry. A few of such projects are in the areas of Recruiting, Customer Service, Inbound/Outbound projects, Quality Assurance services and Virtual/Administrative Assistance which is provided as a core service.


Mike Montenegro


Mike Montenegro is originally from Matagalpa, Nicaragua and arrived in Belize at the age of 12 in 1996 and has been hard at work over the past 14 years since he first started his IT Career. He has gained over 10 years experience as an IT Manager working for various Organizations on a full time basis while simultaneously starting his first business in 2006 providing IT consulting services mainly to various prestige resorts and private organizations in the Belize District and Ambergris Caye. Mr. Montenegro is the Founder of Belize Virtual Center Ltd which has been in operations since November of 2013.  His main goal and focus over the next 10 years is to continue leading BVC into a fully self sustainable organization which is managed by its employees.

The challenges and obstacles he faced as a young immigrant in an unknown environment and the strong desire for success enabled him to develop a strong sense of appreciation for different cultures and the ability to excel in different professional environments.

Janine Montenegro

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Janine Montenegro has over a decade of experience in Customer service, Public Relations, International Business, Operations and Quality Assurance acquired from her employment in the Banking Industry. Janine has vast experience in International and Domestic Banking.

Being the granddaughter of a successful University Head educator, Government Senator and model citizen that believed in the great need to dedicated his life for the betterment of his country and his people. Janine has made a sound choice to carry on that legacy to contribute her expertise, determined attitude and professionalism to the sustained success and prosperity of the institution in which she is a part of.

Mrs. Montenegro currently serves as the Managing Director and Part Owner of Belize Virtual Center. She oversees the smooth daily operations of the office, delivery of Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction. She also assisted in developing the company from a 4 person operation in 2016 to a grown team of 35 individuals on the work floor.

Tanairi Palma

Business Development Manager

Mrs. Palma has worked in the customer service realm for the past 8 years, supporting clients in the recruiting, retail, healthcare, and marketing industries. She’s held positions such as technical recruiter, administrative assistant, sales executive, customer success manager and built a reputation of dependability, dedication and integrity.
Her experience and passion for her job, led her to form part of Belize Virtual Center’s internal business development team. Through a consultative approach, she is devoted to finding the right fit for her clients. She understands that there is not a “one size fits all” solution for businesses and therefore, collaborates with her clients to identify their business needs as well as how they can work together to achieve the client’s goals.
She is a firm believer in creating and nurturing partnerships, not just doing a business transaction.
In her spare time, she enjoys traveling her country Belize, reading, and spending quality time with her husband and family.

Shajida Tzul

Co-operations Manager

After completing her associate’s degree in business, Ms. Shajida started her career in the marketing department of a well-known consumer goods company. During her tenure, she gained valuable experience in market research, advertising, and product promotions. Seeking opportunities, Ms. Shajida soon realized the importance of a strong educational foundation and decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree while working part-time.
Looking for a new challenge, she then decided to switch gears and explore the world of banking. Despite the learning curve, she was able to excel which gave her a well-rounded understanding of how the bank operates and how to provide excellent customer service. Building on her experience, Ms. Shajida decided to explore sales and landed a job as a sales representative honing her communication and relationship-building skills. During her three years in sales, she excelled in building relationships with clients, consistently exceeding sales targets, and managing a large sales team.
She successfully established herself as a top performer and was promoted to a leadership position. Ms. Shajida’s strong work ethic, ability to build relationships, and strategic thinking paved the way for her success in the BPO industry. Today, Ms. Shajida is an accomplished operations manager, overseeing teams in different departments, and ensuring that clients receive top-notch service.

Ali Valencia

Operations Manager

Mr. Valencia, who entered the BPO Call Center industry in 2009, possesses an unparalleled work ethic that consistently exceeds expectations while maintaining a seamless workflow. His dedication is particularly evident in his commitment to achieving optimal results, especially in Performance-oriented Campaigns and projects. Through meticulous planning, execution, and a continuous improvement mindset, Mr. Valencia ensures that his team consistently delivers top-notch performance.

His proficiency in both English and Spanish stands out as a key strength, expanding his professional horizons and enriching the services he provides as a member of BVC’s team. As a result, Mr. Valencia now oversees projects in both languages, adding a significant layer of value to the services offered to clients. This bilingual capability enables effective communication and engagement with a broader range of stakeholders, further enhancing the overall quality of work delivered by the team.

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