Harness the Power of Customized Customer Experience

Maya Angelou said it best when she said, “People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you make them feel.”

The same applies to all our day-to-day interactions. Whether a cashier is ringing up that carton of ice cream we picked up at the supermarket or a stranger is giving us directions, we as humans hold on to and look forward to experiences that make us feel special. It’s an age old saying, “it’s nice to be nice” but on a deeper level, service providers have recognized more and more how powerful it is to create a customized experience for their customers. Standardizing your customer service methods might have gotten you far, but handling your clients in a unique way can take you beyond, and here’s how:

  • Love is Loyalty
    For your customers, feeling special is like popping a bag of their favorite snack. Once they’ve had it once, there’s no way they can avoid coming back for more. Customized customer experience is the same thing! If your customers are made to feel unique, valued and catered to, your tailored approach will translate to life-long revenue to your business.
  • Reciprocity is Real
    It’s human nature for people to feel obligated to return the favor when they’ve received something of value. If it’s a neighbor baking someone a pie to welcome them to the
    neighborhood, that someone might feel inclined to invite the neighbor over for dinner. But if it’s an enterprise listening to and satisfying all your customer needs the way they
    need them to be satisfied, they’ll sing their praises online, leave shining revues and refer as many people to you as they can. Anything to reciprocate the love!
  • Bigger Clientele, Bigger Bucks
    And with all that buzz surrounding your brand or your company, you’ve not only gone exclusive as the number one service provider in your market, but you’ve sparked the attention of potential clients. Tailoring a custom experience to suit every genre of clients that seek you out is a guaranteed way to continuously broaden your customer base and shoot ahead of the competition!

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