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Destinations of Belize

Destinations of Belize

For those who have heard about Belize, but don’t know exactly where it is, or what all it consists of, this article is for you. Geographically we are located in Central America. Yet our language, culture and vibe mirrors the Caribbean. Fascinating right? Belize is a small country with a lot to offer.

Lists always makes things easier. So here is a short list of must see destinations in Belize.

Belize’s Great Blue Hole

  • If diving the Great Blue Hole is not on your bucket list, then are you really living? It is perhaps one of the most famous dive site in Belize. It is over 300 meters across and 125 meters deep; bursting with various marine life species.



Ambergris Caye


  • Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest island and definitely the most popular destination in Belize. The island is much laid – back and is just filled with some of the friendliest people. Annually thousands of tourist flood the island to get away from all the hassle and bustle. There is a lot to do on the island. You can choose from water activities like parasailing, kayaking and snorkeling to name a few.



  • The number one stop on Belize’s mainland. Cayo is located on the western side of the country and is Belize’s largest district. Adventure seekers often consider Cayo to be the most desirable spot, with its rich nature and high concentration of Mayan Sites. It is home to a number of spectacular caves and waterfalls that travelers enjoy to hike. It is the most diverse and can appeal to every type of traveler looking to experience Belize’s natural wonders.

Mayan Ruins of Belize

An important part of Belize’s History is the Mayan Ruins. A legacy of extraordinary temples once inhabited by the Mayan Civilization. There are approximately 12 Mayan Ruins in Belize all which are both essential ruins and some small but notable ruins. Altun Ha, Xunantunich, Caracol, Cahal Pech, Lamanai, Nim li Punit and Lubaantun are a few top Maya Sites to visit while in Belize. Mayan treasures have been found deep within the earth and amongst these temples. An example would be the sacred Jade head (Kinich Ahau).  Each ruin was held sacred by the Mayas and contained ceremonial altars, religious carvings, ball courts, stelas and remains of sacrificial victims.





Author- Brianna Leiva